Thursday, July 25, 2013

Change Your Thoughts

 Think Positive an you will attract positive things to your life! its more than just a quote, I have experienced for myself the power of positive thinking and it has change my life, the way I look at situations its not the same anymore making my outcomes positive each day. Just a couple of months ago I was jobless, but that never stopped me from waking up grateful to God for another opportunity at life. I found a Part time Job the beginning of May and everyday I would thank God for my job, it may not have been the job I wanted but I was grateful that at least I had a job and I knew God had me there for a reason. Just recently my supervisor added more hours to my schedule and now its no longer a part time. wooohoooooo!!!! Ive learned to never stop thanking God and to always keep a positive mind thru it all>>

I am hopping to give this blog alot more love and time, fill it up with things that interest me and inspire me. 
The pictures below were taken a couple of weeks ago