Thursday, April 18, 2013

Patiently Waiting...

I am currently looking for job, I have been applying to jobs online and luckily today I had an interview. It went really good, now just patiently waiting on the response. I have been without a job for a couple of weeks now, and even thou it gives me more time to spend with my son, I am anxiously waiting to start on a new job.
Regardless of my employment status I am feeling very happy, very greatful not only because I had a job interview today but also because I am healthy, my son is nice and healthy and to me that's what matters the most. So today I put on the brightest lipstick I own and went out with mom to rock the world.  
We actually just went to the fabric store(I kind of want to start making my own clothes) and we also stop by a thrift store on our way back home.

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